We have a fantastic lineup of presenters this year!

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l  Neuro-educational Knowledge for English Language Learners: Multiple Intelligences and Brain Plasticity (Daekweon Bae)
l  Lesson Planning with the Brain in Mind! (Miriam Corneli)
l  Shape Analysis: A Viso-Spatial-Kinesthetic Approach to Creative Critical Thinking (Peter Edwards)
l  Mind, Brain, Education (MBE) Science in ESL/EFL and TESOL Training (Pearl Gaborno-Ilustre)
l  Reading the Minds of Japanese EFL Readers (Amanda Gillis-Furutaka)
l  The Affective Affordances of Video Games in EFL (Tom Gorham)
l  7 Keys to Making Your Textbook More Brain-Friendly -A DIY Workshop (Marc Helgesen)
l  Cognitive Theory Applied to ESL (Gary Henscheid)
l  Language, Communication and Virtual Collaboration (Graham Jones)
l  How Poor Memory Is Unlocking the Secrets of Language Processing (Curtis Kelly)
l  Helping Reconstruct the Mindset for Learning (Nagisa Kikuchi)
l  Spaced Repetition, Mnemonics, and Beyond: Connecting Neuroscience and Vocabulary Building Methods (Lee Knowlton)
l  Neuro-educational Games and Peer Instruction in EFL (Jeff Mehring)
l  The Positive Social Neuroscience of Singing! (Tim Murphey)
l  New Ideas from neuroELT! (Robert S. Murphy)
l  neuro-ELT and Language Learning Strategies (Junko Omotedani)
l  Building Resilience and Empathy with Meditation (Michael Rector)
l  The Teaching Brain! (Vanessa Rodriguez, as a telepresenter)
l  Learner Self-Reliance with Peer Derived Assessment (Paul A. R. Rowan)
l  No More Listening Phobic! - Listening - Brain-Friendly and Holistic (Maria Gabriela Schmidt)
l  Foreign Language Learning and the Intercultural Mind (Joseph Shaules)
l  The WoW-EPIC: MMORPGs, L2 Teaching & Learning with Gnomish Mind Control Caps (Martin Stack)
l  Using DRAGON to Support Hearing-Impaired Students (Regan Thomson)
CLICK HERE to download PDF version of the Program! (updated July 15, 2014)
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Venues are right next to each to each other (just cross the street).
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