November (Robert Murphy): CREAME, DATC, DaeNs, Skill Theory, and deep thinking questions!

After a bit of a break for October, we are back with great content for November. This month the approach is 'video lecture' instead of reading--we're mixing it up a bit purposefully. (Remember the discussion on novelty?)

Below is my introductory video to this month's content. After viewing that, go on to
November Pt 1 and then when you feel ready for it, November Pt 2.

Click on the video below for your assignment instructions:

Certificate course Murphy's neuroELT lec INTRO 1-poster

November Pt 1. This is a 45 Minute video on CREAME, DATC, DaeNs, and Skill Theory
November Pt 2. These are the deep thinking questions. Watch a few at a time. Pause frequently to write down your thoughts. Upload your work on to the FAB5 forum.