September: (Joseph Shaules): The Intercultural Mind and the Linguaculture Classroom

Please watch the video clip first:

Pasted Graphic

Chap 10 of The Intercultural Mind and answer these questions in the forum:

- What do you see as the link between language and culture?
- Comment on the Discussion Quotes found on the last page of the chapter. Which do you agree/disagree with?
- How can embodied simulation inform language education?

Skim through The
Linguaculture Classroom and answer these questions in the forum:

- What is linguaculture?
- What is a "phenomenological approach" to language and culture learning?
- How do you incorporate cultural learning in your language teaching?

From Robert: This content is the main focus for August. Spend about 70% of your learning time here and the other 30% discussing other topics on the FAB5 forum. Remember, that "cross-training" and "following your passions" is fantastic for building feelings of autonomy, mastery, and a sense of purpose. So make sure you follow your passions on the forum, while helping others out. Most importantly, let's have fun!

* If you have not yet completed September's assignment, don't worry, there is no penalty! But please do find the time to answer the questions on the forum.