For the neuroELT teacher training videos
click here:

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Caroline Handley’s Sunday Workshop:

Niigataken Teacher Education Program (2016, IUJ)

Friday Workshop, Robert S. Murphy
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JALT 2016 sessions (Robert S. Murphy and Ai Murphy)

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Handouts for Marc Helgesen’s presentations:

A student’s DIY guide to brain-friendly classes. (Saturday: 2:00 -2:50)
Handouts, PowerPoints are HERE

Let’s get physical: The Brain/Body connection. (Sunday, 11:00-11:50)

5 minute physical tasks
Energy breaks
Power Poses
The general page on Marc’s website about physical activity for ELT is HERE
It includes the Power Poses PowerPoints.

Marc Helgesen and Curtis Kelly have a page with various articles, handouts, PowerPoints about NeuroELT HERE (free candy!)

Marc also has a website about Positive Psychology (“the Science of Happiness”) and Language Teaching at:
Below are downloadable PDF versions of Robert’s 2015-2016 workshops/PD sessions at JALT, LTP, NUFS, York University, FAB, and KOTESOL conferences.

KOTESOL 2016 sessions (below)

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JALT sessions (below)

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LTP:Tokyo sessions (below)

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2015 sessions

NUFS sessions (below)

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YORK University PD session (below)

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FAB8:Kyoto workshop (below)

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KOTESOL presentations (below)

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