FAB is unlike any other conference that you've been to. It's a great bonding experience!

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September 25 - 27, 2015

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The brain is organic and plastic. It learns dynamically. It forgets easily.

No emotion, no learning. You forget information that does not excite your body.

Don't be fooled by neuromyths. Your brain continues to learn, even at old age.

Pursue creative projects. Keep studying. It will make you happy.

Exercise makes you smarter. Try 40 minutes, twice a week.

Only 10% of brain usage? It's a lie.

You use 100% of your brain every day.

Differentiate your instruction. Every brain is built different.

Sleep enhances insight. Sleep enhances creativity.

Stress is brain poison. Avoid prolonged stress.

Game playing is great for the brain.

Take breaks from work. Naps are good for the brain.

Humans are social creatures. Talk to inspiring people everyday.

Eat blueberries. They do your neurons good.

Small challenges everyday make you happy.

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FAB8, in beautiful Kyoto, is sponsored by Kyoto Sangyo University. They are providing us with a venue MUSUBIWAZA-KAN in the Kyoto Station area.
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TRAVEL Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. Enjoy your stay in Kyoto, Japan!
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HOTEL Kyoto’s hotels book up very quickly. Book early to get a convenient hotel for FAB8!
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September 26 (Sat) – September 27 (Sun)
Pre conference meeting is on 25(Fri).

Venue: Musubiwazakan

September 25 (Fri) 16:30 – 18:30 Advanced neuroELT Workshop
September 26 (Sat) 9:00 – 18:00
September 27 (Sun) 9:00 – 17:00

Click here for submitting your proposal.
Click here for full conference schedule. (Coming in August!)

Price for full conference:
12,000 yen
One-day visitor:
8,000 yen

*1,000 yen discount for JALT/ETJ/JII/KoTESOL/ITEC members
* Special: Bring a friend for free -check
* Kyoto Sangyo University teachers and students – free participation check
* FAB Grants available for participants with financial needs. Inquire

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8 Organizing Committee
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This year's FAB conference was made possible by the generosity of Kyoto Sangyo University. Sangyo has offered FAB their conference facilities in South Kyoto. Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan, full of wonderful sights and attractions. Book a few extra days to see the city.
The conference will be hosted jointly by the FAB Gakkai, Kyoto JALT, and the JALT BRAIN SIG. At the conference, you will hear speakers from all over Japan and indeed, all over the world, who will be talking on a wide range of topics which link neuroscience, psychology, and EFL. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with other participants, to charge up your brain at special sessions, and to have fun! Applying the tenets of NeuroELT, we guarantee that this will be the most brain-friendly conference you have ever attended.
See you at FAB8
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