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FAB is unlike any other conference that you've been to. It's a great bonding experience!

FAB9:Cebu has been moved to August. Details coming soon!

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The brain is organic and plastic. It learns dynamically. It forgets easily.

No emotion, no learning. You forget information that does not excite your body.

Don't be fooled by neuromyths. Your brain continues to learn, even at old age.

Pursue creative projects. Keep studying. It will make you happy.

Exercise makes you smarter. Try 40 minutes, twice a week.

Only 10% of brain usage? It's a lie.

You use 100% of your brain every day.

Differentiate your instruction. Every brain is built different.

Sleep enhances insight. Sleep enhances creativity.

Stress is brain poison. Avoid prolonged stress.

Game playing is great for the brain.

Take breaks from work. Naps are good for the brain.

Humans are social creatures. Talk to inspiring people everyday.

Eat blueberries. They do your neurons good.

Small challenges everyday make you happy.

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